Flexible Payroll Program

A secure, smooth and flexible payroll system · Save time · Calendar · Keep informed! · Payslip directly in your cellphone. From small/medium to enterprise, simple to complex, single or multi-entity, Flexile payroll  solutions have you covered with a payroll platform that delivers accurate, compliant and timely pay runs each and every pay cycle. Our attention to detail and customer service provides clients with peace of mind when using our payroll services. Avoid human resources conflicts by using the modern payroll package, flexible payroll system. We can help you get the best hr/payroll service through our comprehensive income solutions.

Payroll Services in Zimbabwe

Are you looking for payroll management services for your company? Cresolzim Accounting offers the best payroll services in Zimbabwe. You can now concentrate on the core business of your company as we manage your payroll every month.  We use Flexible Payroll package, a payroll management system with easy navigation to key functions, and a robust employee module. This modern payroll management system helps your business stay productive, accurate, and in control. Whether your employees, staff or work team is dispersed around Zimbabwe, across the globe or based in an industrial workspace, our payroll system can meet all your requirements.


Discover how our comprehensive payroll solutions enables a positive employee experience, while delivering strategic workforce engagement, collaboration and compliance. Whether you are seeking to learn more about our timekeeping services or to obtain support information for your current service, Flexible Payroll package gives you a variety of tools to meet your needs.

With Cresolzim Accounting, companies can outsource their payroll to us and take advantage of our payroll software. When it comes to managing employees, nothing is more important than making sure their pay checks are accurate and delivered on time. Manage the employee on boarding and off boarding processes, digitally. Say goodbye to back and forth emails, disparate forms and documents, and endless paper trails.

By automating your payroll solutions, you will be able to spend more time running your business. Cresolzim has a wide range of service options for companies on how they wish to manage their salaries wages for their employees. Keep all your employees’ information in one place and automate all human resource administrative functions.

There are several great benefits of Flexible Payroll package that will help your business grow in Zimbabwe. Most small business owners spend at least 5 hours per month on payroll. Imagine if you could free up that time do focus on what really counts. Engage us today and you can take advantage of our flexible payroll software. 


We have professionals who can help you with any payroll issue in Zimbabwe. Our experienced HR consultants will help you in installation, training and support services. Ensure you are correctly remitting PAYE, correctly calculating the leave days of your employees with Flexible Payroll system.  At Cresolzim accounting we will ensure you are paying your employees accurately and  on time, every month. Its not just a legal requirement, but also an ethical and professional function of any reputable business in Zimbabwe. We constantly strive to be the best in the payroll service provider in Zimbabwe by providing flexible and accurate payroll processing, personalized services that fit our clients’ needs, and finding new ways to process payroll more efficiently..

payroll services in Zimbabwe

The best payroll services in Zimbabwe

We provide payroll servicing to local employers and foreign firms considering setting up here in Zimbabwe. We are the best Payroll Management Services Company in Zimbabwe. Our professional team will always ensure compliance with all the government bodies and that the deadlines for submissions are met.We handle the time-consuming tasks of wage management and labour force earnings tax filing so companies- regardless of their size- can comply with the Zimbabwean laws and also focus on their organization.

Allow us to handle your employee salaries while you take care of more important tasks with our outsourced salaries service. With our easy-to-use payroll software, you can organise all your business information in one handy place. Cresolzim Accounting prides itself in providing the best  payroll solutions in Zimbabwe  for any small to medium sized company. Whether you have 1 employee or 300 we can find a solution to fit your payroll needs. Our advanced technology simplifies the payroll process for any business

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Payroll service to small companies

Yes we offer payroll services to both small and big companies

Do you assist in Payroll package installation

Yes we help you install and train you

What Is The Price of the Flexible payroll

The Price is US$ 150.00 per annum OR US$40 Per quarter